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"Automotive Advanced Manufacturing Technology Summit" has been held in March every year since 2015! As the largest and most technically advanced automotive manufacturing summit in China, it will be held in Wuhan, which is known as the "China Auto Valley" on April 20-22, 2023. Continuing the tradition of holding the event every year in different auto industry towns in China, promoting technical exchanges between enterprises and people from different regions, and promoting the rapid development of auto manufacturing technology in China!

"The 9th Automotive Advanced Manufacturing Technology Summit” will continue to discuss the latest workshop digital planning, new technology applications, new processes, new equipment and other manufacturing hot topics in the four major manufacturing processes of automobile production. The analysis of production strategy and the prospect of future technology, as well as more than 100 technological hotspot sharing sessions in the 6 major sectors of automobile trial production, automobile stamping, welding, painting, final assembly, and smart factory. And enjoy the rich social and interactive opportunities provided by the organizing committee, and the organizer also provides personalized professional services for you. You could possibly get more!

  • 16+ Technology Segments
  • 2100+ Topics
  • 35+ Workshops
  • 41500+ Attendees
Day 1 AM Main Venue

Market Forecast and Opportunities for China's Automotive Industry in 2023

Practice of New Generation Green Intelligent Manufacturing of Dongfeng Motor

Digital Smart Manufacturing Technology Solution and Innovation

Artificial Intelligence for Digital Transformation in the Automotive Industry

Digital Transformation and Upgrading from R&D to Manufacturing Digitization

BMW iFACTORY Sustainable Development Strategy

The impact of CTB body integration technology development on the four processes of vehicle manufacturing

High-level Roundtable Discussion

Auto body stamping venue

Transformation, upgrading and practice in the field of stamping for the accelerated drive of new energy vehicles

NIO Introduction and Practice of Aluminum Alloy Forming Process  

Application of online vision inspection system for stamping parts

Application scenarios and practices of intelligent manufacturing in stamping workshop

Technology application of digital twin in stamping workshop

Die Management and Predictive Maintenance in Stamping Workshop

Automatic three-dimensional storage solution in stamping workshop

Door styling design trends and the need for process

Automotive lightweight roll forming process and key technologies

Aluminum alloy thermoforming process control and research

Research and application progress of integrated body die-casting technology

Magnesium alloy die-casting process and application in automotive industry

Auto body welding and assembly venue

Flexible production line planning compatible with new energy vehicles

Digital innovation of KEMA welding assembly

Weld shop intelligent scenario application and implementation

Research and application of heterogeneous material body joining technology

Laser welding in all-aluminum body application case

Lightweight connection helps to upgrade the new energy industry

The practice of intelligent and digitalized connection process

In-depth discussion

Body precision control and quality control measures

Full-time monitoring and quality control of automatic glue application

Weld shop information data collection and analysis application

Virtual welding simulation technology application

Body shop online measurement technology solutions and cases

Auto body painting venue

Practice and innovation of energy saving and emission reduction in automotive painting shop

Exploration of digital application scenarios in the painting shop

Research and application of two-color body painting process

Application of grinding and polishing automation in painting shop

Application problems and solutions of low carbon water-based painting

Application of low-temperature drying-free sealant for automotive painting

Application of Perceived Quality Improvement Process for Painting New Models

Coating in-line vision inspection technology and quality control

Interpretation of the latest VOC emission standards and future trends

Differences in body-in-white film pretreatment and process control of different panels

Layout and optimization of dry spray booths

Exploring the application of unmanned scenarios in painting shop

oundtable Discussion: Energy Saving and Cost Balance?

Auto body assembly venue

Mixed-line flexible assembly line planning

How to do a good job in the era of software-defined car assembly process and inspection upgrade

Application and practice of collaborative robot in automotive assembly plant

Error prevention and quality control in mixed-line production

Research and application of automated assembly process in automotive final assembly

Discussion on efficient and high-precision conveying technology for future final assembly plant

Intelligent wearable devices help the assembly workshop to work efficiently

New energy vehicle assembly chassis assembly process design planning

Intelligent Factory Venue

Smart Factory Solution Built on Digital Twin Visualization Platform

Manufacturing operation management system leads the digital transformation of enterprises

5G Empowerment to Build an Automotive Smart Factory

Data-driven Digital Factory Construction

Exploration of Smart Manufacturing and Industrial Internet of Things

Industrial Information Security and Data Security

Manufacturing Workshop Energy Management and Control

Industry Dialogue

1、 How to achieve efficient integration of IT and OT

2、 Exploration of data value

Total Lifecycle Management Solution for Automotive Manufacturing

How APS helps to create an efficient and collaborative agile supply chain and enhance flexible productivity?

Effective processing and application of intelligent production line data

How can VR/AR technology help intelligent factory application by breaking the boundary between reality and reality?

Developing the "Eye" of Industry, AI Intelligent Vision Empowers Automotive Smart Manufacturing

Low Carbon Sustainable Automotive Digital Supply Chain Needs and Innovations

AIOT technology-based implementation of intelligent logistics scenarios for automobiles

Innovative application of intelligent robot in production line logistics

Intelligent Manufacturing and Predictive Maintenance of Equipment

Predictable maintenance solutions based on big data analysis

Intelligent tool application for equipment repair and maintenance

Remote diagnosis, monitoring and processing solutions

Automotive Trial ProductionVenue

Digital transformation and practice of prototype production

Experience sharing of flexible development of engineering prototypes

Automotive trial production cost reduction control solutions and cases

Development of the pilot phase of autonomous driving cars

Roundtable Discussion: Where to go in the era of rapid changes in automotive prototyping?

Trial development of new energy triboelectric core components

Building 3D printing technology in automotive pilot production

Application of virtual technology in automotive pilot production

Innovation of composite joining technology

Quality control methods in the trial production process

April 22nd Company Tour

Visit Wuhan local car companies/enterprises

(Limited places available on a first-come, first-served basis)

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