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九游 has launched the 九游 Automotive Software and Security Technology Week since July 2022, which has been well received by attendees! They also said that the Technology Week presented many related topics to the participants at the same time,  which is very rewarding!

九游 will again launch the 九游 Automotive Software and Security Technology Week in April 2023 , which will bring together three major technology summits, including: the 7th Automotive ISO26262 functional safety application and development technology Summit, the 5th Automotive Information Security Summit and the 3rd Automotive Domain controller summit" with 4+ technical sessions, 80+ technical topics shared and 1,000+ technical attendees.

九游 looks forward to your participation in the technical feast in the field of automotive software and safety technology, and reap the benefits!

  • 14+ Conferences
  • 280+ Technical topics
  • 35+ Workshops
  • 41000+ Attendees
April 11th High-level closed-door summit $ Dinner
Day 1 AM Plenary Session and Award Ceremony

Topic of speech

Intelligent era of new energy vehicle software development process

Electronic and electrical architecture technology for SOA

Aspice-based OEM requirements for software quality

Tea break

Software architecture development based on AUTOSAR

Functional Security development and Methodology under SOA architecture

Award ceremony

Buffet lunch

The 7th Automotive ISO26262 Functional Safety Application and Development Technology Summit

Topic of speech

Future challenges and opportunities for automobile enterprises under SOTIF access standards

Software and hardware development and design requirements based on functional safety standards

Functional safety development of automatic driving system

Autonomous driving test and evaluation methods satisfying functional safety

Tea break

The combination of Ethernet and functional security

Functional Safety Thinking of vehicle gauge level chip

How can Agile and security coexist in product development applications?

Software development and testing solutions to meet vehicle functional safety standards

Hazard analysis and risk assessment beyond ISO26262

Scenario construction and test verification of expected functional security

Architecture design and trend of vehicle system for L3 automatic driving

Tea  break

Functional Safety considerations of intelligent vehicle operating system

Functional Safety Analysis of vehicle human-computer interaction system in the era of autonomous driving

Functional safety design of car large screen

Meet the functional safety and reliability of the dual pipe under the FMEA software design

Development of automotive braking system under functional safety system

Functional Safety design and Case analysis of steering system

Functional safety testing of controllers

Tea break

Functional safety development and design of 800V electric drive system

Technical difficulties and breakthroughs in functional safety development of hybrid system

Functional Safety development of new energy electronic control system

The 5th Automotive Information Security Technology Summit

Topic of speech

Implementation of Automobile Network Security Management System CSMS and VTA Certification based on UNECE R155

Discussion on practical implementation of automobile data safety compliance

Requirements and testing of mandatory standards for network security of intelligent connected vehicles

Integration and development of functional security and information security

Tea Break

Design of test system and architecture for remote upgrade of intelligent networked automobile software

A new generation of intelligent fuzzy testing escorts the safety of automotive software

C-V2X communication protocol and test case analysis

Penetration testing of intelligent networked vehicle Network security

Construction of intelligent networked vehicle network security protection system

Vehicle gauge level safety chip and chip safety test technology

Tea break

Technology demand and development trend of automotive chip information security

One-stop software upgrade (OTA) solution

Intelligent network automobile information security testing and verification compliance requirements

Thinking and practice of Autonomous driving network Security design strategy under Software defined vehicle

Network security development and implementation of domain controller

Network security problems and protection strategies of intelligent cockpit

Automotive network communication security architecture

Tea Break

Create a safe scheme for in-car network communication

On-board Ethernet and safety test scheme

Construction of information security protection system for new energy vehicles

Network Security architecture design of electric vehicle controller

The 3rd Automotive Domain Controller Technology Summit

Topic of speech

Functional security development of central domain control

Software and hardware architecture development and design for domain controller

Complex requirements of domain fusion for functional software architecture design

Electronic and electrical architecture and high performance central computing platform

Tea Break

Autonomous driving domain control solution and application

Analysis and research on computing power of intelligent automobile high-performance chip

Evolution of smart cockpit chip from one core multi screen to cross domain integration

In-depth discussion: The way of integration of autopilot domain and cockpit domain

Domain controllers develop software quality management

Development of vehicle domain controller based on Ethernet

Tea Break

Development and security guarantee of chassis domain controller

New energy vehicle power domain solution

In depth discussion: the road to integration of power domain and chassis domain

Buffet lunch

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